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For about the price of a full page print add, immerse your customers and prospects into engaging scenarios through which you can gain clear insights into the relationship between the product and your target audience. In our game-based simulations, the use of the product plays a key role in achieving the game’s mission. Thus the users experience the product's best features, grasp its value proposition and connect with the company in a personal level.
MAVI's behavioral data capture system is designed to set unlimited number of triggers through which we can capture the user's choices, actions, and even inactions. This is the closest you can get to a user behavior analysis in a lab environment, but not limited to just a few subjects!

  • Beautifully designed Point & Click Adventure Games replicate engaging real-life scenarios in a multi-sensory environment
  • Gamification, product placement, product simulation and interaction, all-in-one.
  • Complete reporting on the user’s interaction with your product and promotional elements inside the game, providing unmatched feedback on the user's choices in a simulated setting, leaps and bounds beyond the conventional feedback mechanisms! Live administrator access to all data, including impression counting, click-through hot spots.
  • Optional administrator access interface to in-game advertising elements, such as your promotional documents, posters and current ads! Change them on the fly, as needed!
  • Perfect add-on to your Social Networking program and your product microsite!

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